WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Following an explosive musical performance from his hometown hero, a starstruck kid, (MILO) spends the night with them, hoping they'll listen to his demo tape.

PLANET COZMO is a Chapman University Senior Thesis film that has been developed by Jack Campise (Director; Chapman Film Production 20'), Misha Maguire (Producer; Chapman Creative Producing 20') and Giovanna Zavala (Writer; Chapman Screenwriting 20')


I’ve been going to concerts since I was 12 and have always been in awe of the spectacle of it all. The music, performance, lights, sounds, sweat (sometimes blood) are almost too much to handle. For me and many others, concerts have been religious experiences. Even though the music was written by someone we don’t know personally, we relate to it and it's special to us.


PLANET COZMO is about meeting your heroes and the consequences that come with it. We live in a world where people are idolized as Gods, sometimes for being something they’re not. Fame forces a false narrative on them, which isn’t fair. If you get to know them, they might be someone else entirely. Sometimes, the line between the stage and reality can be blurred and expectations don’t always line up with reality.


I wanted to challenge myself by portraying an unlikable character (Cozmo; Milo’s hero) seen through the eyes of a starstruck kid and how his fantasy would be visualized compared to reality. Milo and Cozmo are an unlikely duo but they have a lot in common, such as a desire to make it out of their small town. They both have visions of brilliance in what the outside world has to offer.


Making a film is a big operation with a lot of moving parts which can all add up. Your contribution will help our departments (detailed above) deliver the best film possible. This film is a culmination of four years of hard work between my friends and I. We’ve put together an incredible crew who will help bring the story to life.


We know we have a story worth telling that will resonate and would love to have you along for the ride! Please help this project become a reality. Even if it’s just by sharing this website, all help is appreciated. Thank you so much!



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